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The best care and recovery treatment for substance use.
The process

Initial steps.

What happens when I arrive at Recovery Center of Niagara

When you arrive at Recovery Center of Niagara, you will be graciously greeted by one of our intake coordinators. They will provide you and assist you with all the paperwork needed for admission.

How does it work

One of our caring nurses will then take your vitals and ask you questions about your medical history, including any medications you are taking. The nurse will ask you for a urine sample to see the drugs in your system and to better guide and inform your detox and treatment needs. Staff will then take an inventory of your personal items to ensure they meet our guidelines and will safeguard your valuables in the safe.

What to expect

You may enter medical detox or begin residential treatment right away, but that is dependent on your admissions paperwork and the medical team approving your admission.

What you can expect.

The best care and recovery treatment for substance use.

That your confidentiality is taken seriously.

To understand the rules and guidelines for your recovery.

Group therapy and one-on-one therapy.

To be treated with respect and with kindness.

To learn the skills necessary to help you with your recovery.

You’ll always have someone to talk to and a caring listening ear.


What we expect from you.

To treat our staff & other clients the way you want to be treated—with respect.

We expect you to follow the rules and guidelines of the program.

We expect zero violence from you—we have a zero-tolerance policy for violence.

Services we provide.

Three nutritious meals a day

Laundry service

We have a great outdoor space that patients can enjoy st their leisure.

Recreation time and use of our recreation room

What to Bring To Treatment: Save and Print This Detailed List

RCN What To Bring To Treatment List

Consult this list on what to bring to treatment


Have at hand everything you need to know about our process. Save it and share it with your loved ones.


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What happens when I arrive at Niagara Recovery?

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